Important Church Update

We, as a church family, are responding to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis, not by panicking or hiding out of fear, but by making the most out of this chaotic time.  Your safety is our priority and we’ll be ensuring you and your family feel comfortable and safe while attending. General word of Caution; while we want to return to our normal worship experience and opportunities, the coronavirus has dramatically impacted our ability to return to normal. We will try to offer as many of the ministries as we can in as safe of an environment as we can possibly provide. We realize that not everyone is ready to attend in-person yet. No worries — you can continue worshiping with us online.

According to Oklahoma’s Open Up and Recover Safely guidelines, we are in Phase 3 and it does not require social distancing and does not restrict nurseries or the activities of the over 65 and vulnerable population. Consequently,  we will hold “in person” worship at First Wesleyan Church for interested persons.


Here are some things you can expect when you attend on ground:

  1. Church facilities have been cleaned and sanitized.
  2. Hand sanitizers are available at strategic locations, please use them as you desire.
  3. Congregants should self-examine for Covid 19 symptoms and only attend “in person” services if they are symptom free.  
  4. For anyone concerned about health issues in spite of the lifted restrictions, please feel encouraged to attend online.   
  5. Worship seating is open and no restrictions are in place since the requirements for social distancing have expired.
  6. Congregants are not required to wear a mask but if the congregant feels safer wearing a mask, they should do so.
  7. Worship leaders will NOT be wearing masks while they are participating in leading in any part of the worship service process.
  8. It is recommended that congregants and leaders refrain from touching, handshakes, hugs, etc… in respect for health concerns for others.

I’m not comfortable returning to church yet. Can I continue to be a part of the online experience?

Of course! We encourage you to continue joining us online each weekend until you feel comfortable attending in person. Our weekend worship experiences will continue to be streamed every Sunday at, Facebook, and YouTube. 

How will First Wesleyan practice social distancing in its locations?

Social distancing is based on what individuals and families feel most comfortable with. We ask that every individual practices social distancing while in the lobby or common areas.

Will I need to wear a mask? 

We do not require guests to wear face coverings. We are closely watching local, state, and federal guidelines to ensure all recommended safety precautions are implemented to ensure your safety.

How is First Wesleyan cleaning its facilities? 

We will conduct regular cleanings between gatherings and events to ensure proper sanitation. 

Will restrooms be open?

Yes, all restrooms will be open and will undergo routine cleaning.

Will there be Kids Church available for my children? 

Yes. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for your children while you attend the worship experience. 

Is there an experience for my Junior High or High School Student?

Chi Alpha, our weekly experience for the youth of First Wesleyan, will continue in-person every Wednesday at 6:00PM.

I’m new to First Wesleyan Church, how do I get connected?

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to fill out a connection card by visiting and we’ll be in contact with you.