Traditional Worship

Our Traditional 9:00 am service meets each week in the Sanctuary of First Wesleyan Church and draws on the strong heritage of worship the church has created. This service allows you to experience worship through traditional hymns and choruses, a Worship Choir, corporate scripture reading and the preaching of God's Word! Our 9:00 am service is a worship experience enjoyed by young and old alike!

Contemporary Service

Our Contemporary Service meets each week at 10:30 am in the Christian Education Center Gymnasium at First Wesleyan Church. Worship at 10:30 am is an experience! The atmosphere is casual, the music is relevant and the teaching is practical. Our goal is to offer a worship experience that is consistent with the culture we live and will captivate people on many levels. This service represents a diverse mix of people of difference ages and backgrounds who come together to experience God.

Pathfinder Service

Our Pathfinder Service meets each week at 10:35 am in the FWC Sanctuary. Worship at the Pathfinder service takes an ancient modern approach. The authentic worship features acoustical worship including hymns and songs of ageless impact. The service embraces the ancient creeds. This service is geared toward millennials, but people of all ages are welcome.